#31 – Bethania Street Community Garden

February 22, 2018

Today we visit the Bethania Street Community Garden, located in Cox Park, Bethania Street, Lota.  I was welcomed by Linda and the rest of the group at their weekly get together on Wednesday mornings.

I had heard about the garden but never visited, and it was a wonderful spot, with a variety of fruit trees, vegetables and herbs.  The garden was started in September 2011 and is operated under a licence from Brisbane City Council.

Council supporting the group

Signing in for the day

Today’s plan

The crew that were available for a photo

I am a hopeless gardener, though I wish it wasn’t the case. I received some great tips when I asked specifics that could help us at home, including the homemade fly trap recipe, vegemite, who knew?  The group had a great feel about it, and it is a great community initiative.

It was time to get into the work for the morning.



Composting is an important part of a great garden, and the group takes their composting very seriously!

Local businesses such Dramanti and Perry’s fruit market, pass on their organic waste for compositing. Some even leave nice messages with the pickups.

There is a fruit orchard, which is quite impressive.

When you stop and take in the garden, there really is a lot going on in this space!

The friendly group

You can find out more about the garden on their facebook page and website links below.



There are some great events coming up, have a look on the events page of their website, hope to see you there!

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