#32 – ScooterBike Adventures

March 2, 2018

Today we meet Danny from ScooterBike Adventures, where I caught up with one of his regular group activities.  Today’s was a group of school mum’s getting active after school dropoffs.

Danny has always had an interest in our area, and been active in sport, including a sports scholarship to the USA.  I had seen the ScooterBike’s near the Manly pool, and wondered what was the story behind them, and I am so glad someone reached out and suggested I do a post about Danny (thanks Sonja!)

We met at Wynnum Creek, as the crew were heading North to the boardwalk today.  They cover various routes from Wynnum North to Lota, and the many detours along the way.

You can read more about ScooterBikes on their facebook page.

Danny checking all is good before the crew arrives

What brought you to the area?


 I grew up in Wynnum at Jayben  St Wynnum West. Attended Wondall Heights State School and then Brisbane State High School. After 8 years in the USA I returned to the Gold Coast then back home to Wynnum. I now live at Lota and love being close to the bay.

Do you have any interesting or memorable experiences in Wynnum that you would like to share?


My most memorable experience in Wynnum was when Wynnum Manly won the Brisbane rugby league comp for the first time – Great Team. Growing up in Wynnum I have a life time of great memories, my first fishing experience at about age 7 from the end of Wynnum Jetty, pumping yabbies at Lota with my brother Shaun and the mud fights that always seemed to occur , rowing our bond wood fishing boat to the leads out from Manly Harbour and catching heaps of big whiting.

Setting up ready for the session

Warm up

What would you love to see in Wynnum?


 I would love to see in Wynnum a genuine cycleway that separates walkers from other moving traffic, a water park area as good as Southbank, Redcliffe, Cairns. Eco Tours that show locals and tourists our beautiful bay and wildlife.

Drop by Frankie’s and rope Sarah into the photo

Any link to a website that you would like to share?


If you could link to Manly Creative Markets, that would be good.

Not sure what the collective noun is for ScooterBikes??

Who or What would you like me to cover in future posts on When in Wynnum?


I would like you to profile Cafe Le Mer at Manly. It is a hidden gem and one of my favourite chill-out coffee and eating cafes.

 I enjoyed meeting Danny and the ladies, and it looked a great way to explore our area whilst earning those Friday evening treats 🙂

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