#41 – Julian and Tim

This week we meet Julian and Tim, and Ollie and Ruby their delightful dogs. I meant Julian (virtually) through instagram, as he shares beautiful imagery of our local area, along with destinations that his work takes him to.

Julian and Tim were kind enough to let me tag along for one of their usual strolls along the esplanade. Julian answers my questions posted below.

What brought you to the area?

Many things brought myself and my partner Tim to Wynnum. Firstly we were looking to buy a home. In 2016 we were first home buyers and Wynnum along with Nundah, Virginia and Sandgate were some of the areas we were looking at. Since we both moved to Brisbane in mid 2009 and met shortly after, we’ve both lived on the Southside and mostly eastern suburbs so it was great to stay south of the river and in the east.

In 2010/11 I had previously lived in a share house in Astley St in Wynnum west with a bunch of girls who I affectionately dubbed my ‘Wynnum wenches’. I converted the garage into a massive room and paid only 50 bucks a week!  I was never home much and always staying at Tim’s share house in Kangaroo Point but it was a fun base to have with all us youngsters. I remember some drunken kebabs, binge watching many trashy tv shows and lots of laughs in that house.  

Decided to move back to Wynnum in 2016 because of its proximity to the airport where I work, and also because of the many cute houses in the area and lifestyle of living close to the water. House prices were also better value and could really see the potential of the area as growing and having a real sense of community and downtown ‘hub’ compared to other suburbs.

Both of us grew up close to the water in New Zealand and Northern NSW so it’s really having the best of both worlds. Tim works in the city as the front office manager at Hilton and it’s easy enough to get into the city and even thought at first I thought it was ‘far out’ it’s pretty easy to get to the Northside and all the attractions via the gateway. Also great having three train stations.  I would love to see the city cat extended to Murrarie like they are pitching for.

Do you have any interesting or memorable experiences in Wynnum that you would like to share?

Well apart from buying our first home in 2016, selling it and then being luckily enough to get our second home just this June, I’ve had a lot of little experiences about living in the area as a lot of my friends grew up here and told me what corner house was – I thought it was a historic home at first. Turns out it’s an area of the suburb where lots of good takeaways. Also my family has a longer history with Wynnum that I first realised. Back in early 2000s my brother was the head chef at the now demolished pub and hotel (can’t remember the name) on Fox street, opposite Greene park. I remember then as a teenager visiting Brisbane for the day and going for lunch there and thinking what a great spot it was. It’s a shame the pub is no longer there.
It’s probably not interesting or memorable but every day I just being able to walk my two dogs along the waterfront. Such a great sense of space and fresh sea air!

What would you love to see in Wynnum?

It’s so great to see some of the things I have previously wished for Wynnum coming to fruition such as a Vietnamese restaurant just opened and a cinema too.  But of course there’s always more things I want! Would love the old seafood co-op on the creek to be converted into something useful sooner rather than later. It’s a prime position overlooking the bay – would be epic with a bar and music. As much as the area is changing needs to be a bit more for young people. Also would be great to have more connections to Stradbroke Island from the port or Wynnum/manly, without going to Cleveland. Also less bakeries, more cosmopolitan dining options. It’s coming slowly but surely. It’s great to have such a charming central downtown area to accomodate stuff like this. So many suburbs just have a shopping centre marketplace with franchised options and no individual businesses.

Who or What would you like me to cover in future posts on When in Wynnum?

I’d love to cover some more of the activities – as random as they could be – for people to pursue in Wynnum. Apart from the obvious wading pool and waterfront it could be about historical buildings in the area, how to get started kayaking in Moreton bay, and even a run downs on past and upcoming events. Always love reading the stories from locals and about their businesses as well.

Any link to a website that you would like to share?

As well as working as an international flight attendant, I have a freelance writing business where I sometimes take on work to help small businesses, but mostly write for my own enjoyment. I blog about things to do in Brisbane at weekendnotes.com/

I really enjoyed catching up with Julian and Tim, as well as Ollie and Ruby who are adorable pups. Saw hello if you see them out enjoying this wonderful part of the world we live in!

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