#3 – Vanessa Perske

March 31, 2017 – Vanessa Perske

Without sounding too much like a gushy fan boy, Vanessa is one of my favourite artists.  We were fortunate enough to purchase one of her works years ago, where we got to have around 7 specific items painted into it.  For example our son walking home from school, daughter fishing and our dog Charlie at the dog park.  We always get comments about our picture when people visit.

I was delighted when Vanessa agreed to allow me to visit her home / studio to take some pics, chat and meet the chickens!

Our artwork from Vanessa

Relaxing on the deck, a gorgeous space

What brought you to the area?
I grew up on a golf course and we were after a “sea change”. We moved here when my 1st child was born along with my parents, my brothers family and sister-in-law’s family!

A great studio space to work in!

Artists hands!

Do you have any interesting or memorable experiences in Wynnum you would like to share?
A really great memory for me was participating in the Jan Power markets for nearly 5 years, exhibiting my paintings. This was a special time and the friends I made during that period remain very dear to me.

V: Ok to let the chickens roam?  Me: Please!

Artwork and chickens!

What would you love to see in Wynnum?
Cinemas!!!! I would love for Wynnum to take on more of an art and music culture. I love all different types of food, it’d be great to incorporate the suburban lifestyle with some urban fun – some great new wining & dining maybe! Wynnum/Manly has a real village charm so introducing a bit of a contemporary vibe alongside that would be awesome to see!

Getting paint on the pallette

It was great watching the process

Any link to a website that you would like to share?

Look out for the sign!

Who or What would you like me to cover in future posts on When in Wynnum?
I have heard from various older local residents that Pandanas Beach and Lota areas used to be sandy beaches, and that people would come and visit on day trips and holidays to spend time at the beach. I’d love to know more about this and whether there is truth behind the rumours!!! Maybe some old photos?

Love, love, love this Sydney painting! So much work and it is huge! 

Great spot to relax with a cuppa (you can bet magpies are watching from the tree)


#2 – Cranks Bicycle Garage

March 26, 2017 – Cranks Bicycle Garage

The cranks family

This week we meet the family behind the business Cranks Bicycle Garage.  I have known this family for a few years now, and they are very supportive of the local community. El took part in riding a fixed gear bike in a relay team across Australia last year to raise money for charity!  Incredible effort and looked to be an experience locked away in the memory forever!

Eloise rode this bike across the country in a charity relay event

The best open sign I have ever seen! 

What brought you to Wynnum?

We both love the water! Being close to the ocean is important to us both.

Now we have a chance to combine our love of cycling with living in the Wynnum area and contribute to our local community through our family owned business.

They start their mechanics at an early age


Do you have any interesting / memorable experiences in Wynnum?

We also love to contribute through Cranks wherever we can in creating a like minded community. Cycling is a passion for us and encouraging others to get out on the roads or pathways is something we love! Helping people gain experience and learn to cycle safely is important to us; cycling is for everyone!

Wynnum is an awesome place to live if you love being a part of an active, energetic fitness community for people of all ages!

Eloise’s pop’s bike that he rode all through his life

What would you love to see in Wynnum?

The current changing face of Wynnum/ Manly to continue.

All of these wonderful local businesses that are popping up creating a place to go on weekends.

Cranks family enjoying themselves 🙂


Any link to a website that you would like to share?



Who or What would you like me to cover in future posts on When in Wynnum?

People who have a heart to continue to develop our culture and local community. Our area is unique and has some really exciting possibilities as we continue to move forward. We love the family environment and great local people who make it the great place it is; we love getting to know them and a little about their story!

Bespoke spoke holder

Love the smell of bike stores, and it hits you as you enter!

How cool is the card holder made out of a chain ring 


#1 – Alan and Róisín

March 19, 2017 – Alan and Róisín

Welcome to the first instalment of When in Wynnum, and to all three of you viewing in the next month (thank you family!).  This week we meet Alan and Róisín.

I have met more people from Wynnum and the surrounding suburbs, as a direct result of coming in contact with these two people.

Alan and Róisín started the Wynnum parkrun event, and I attended my first one in September 2012.  I actually didn’t go until the 3rd event, as I was petrified of how can I make 5 whole kilometres!

A lot of the people that I have met at parkrun have now become good friends.

What brought you to Wynnum?

When we emigrated from UK at end of 2011 we researched great places to live in Australia and we quickly decided on QLD and Brisbane and by chance the first day of looking for a place to live we found a great unit in Wynnum North which helped us to settle into our new country.

Do you have any interesting / memorable experiences in Wynnum?

After 1 year of living in Wynnum, we attended our second Australia Day breakfast in Bandstand Park and remarked at how many hellos we got from people we’d met over that first year at parkrun, Wynnum Manly Historical Society, Craft Groups, Stella Maris, Nazareth House and Guardian Angels Church.

What would you love to see in Wynnum?

We’d love Wynnum to be fully connected to the North to the Brisbane CBD and South into Redlands and Gold Coast with a Bayside/Riverside foot and cycle path, fully safe and accessible to all of us who love to walk, cycle or run around our beautiful coasts and rivers in SEQ

Is there a  link to a website that you would like to share?

We’d love to share a link to Wynnum parkrun – http://www.parkrun.com.au/wynnum – it’s a free weekly timed 5km run and walk along our beautiful bayside paths from the Wading Pool every Saturday at 7am. Since Roisin and I started the first event in September 2012, more than 6,000 people have taken part and completed over 242,000km! All are welcome to join us for an hour on any Saturday morning to enjoy a healthy social activity with a strong community spirit.

Who or What would you like me to cover in future posts on When in Wynnum?

Wynnum Manly Historical Society which meets at 7:30pm in the Ambulance Museum on 3rd Thursday every month. They also have an Information Centre open 10-12 weekdays in the Old School.

I want to thank Róisín and Alan for taking the time out to chat and take some photos, and for catalyst for me meeting some many good folk of the area!

Welcome to When in Wynnum

This is my adhoc attempt to capture the things that I love about the area.  The people, places, parks, placards, … you guessed it,  I got on a p word roll there.

Seriously, this is intended to get my camera out of my bag, and appreciate the many attributes of the area that I live.

Feel free to offer me suggestions!

Thanks to Trish for suggesting the name!